History of Memo's

Memo & None Calderón
Originally named "El Aguila Cafe,"  Memo's was 
established in 1936  by Guillermo "Memo"  and
Leonor "None" Calderón.  In 1945,  Memo bought
land on the banks of the San Felipe Creek where
he relocated the original building.  In 1959, Memo
became ill and sold Memo's Drive-Inn to his third
son, Moises "Blondie" Calderon.  Blondie, piano
player and music director for country music
legend,  Ray Price, from 1967 until his death in
2000, expanded the building, complemented
the good food with great music, and developed it
into the famous family restaurant it is today.
Blondie’s wife, Dolly, and youngest daughter,
Patricia Ray, are keeping the family tradition
going.  Memo's Restaurant continues to be a
landmark in Del Rio, Texas, attracting people
from all over the world.

Blondie Calderón
Patricia Ray and Dolly Calderón



Memo's Restaurant over the years.



(830) 774-1583